1985 Ford Mustang GT Is An SVO Clone

Aug 23, 2019 2 min read
1985 Ford Mustang GT Is An SVO Clone

This Mustang mashup has the European looks of the SVO with the American heart of the GT.

When done right, clone cars are a great way to get the look of a rare car by adding components to a more common model, and that's exactly what is happening with this 1985 Ford Mustang GT. Designed to look like the Mustang SVO, this Mustang has the adds all the iconic styling pieces of the aero-tuned SVO while still packing the V8 power of the GT.

1985 Ford Mustang GT Is An SVO Clone

Visually, this Mustang GT does a great job of dressing up as an SVO. It has the offset hood scoop, unique front end treatment, smooth C-pillar trim and the two-tiered rear spoiler; it also has the flush headlights that were part of a mid-1985 update. This car pulls of such a good SVO impersonation that the only clues that this isn't a true SVO are the red pinstripes on the taillights (instead of black) and the rear drum brakes (SVO had four-wheel disc). The five-spoke, 17-inch Cobra wheels are different, too, but they help add an extra sporty look to the car.

The Mustang SVO was special because it added more of a European performance aspect to the Fox body Mustang with a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine, upgraded brakes and suspension and, of course, the more aerodynamic body kit. It was only produced from 1984 through 1986, and the 1985 update brought a more powerful engine tune returning 205 horsepower. For comparison, the V8-powered Mustang GT this clone is based off of was rated at 210 horsepower. As cool as the body swap is, the best part about this Mustang is that it's a one-owner car.

1985 Ford Mustang GT Is An SVO Clone

Streetside Classics of Tampa is currently selling this Mustang GT SVO clone for $23,995, but if you're interested, you can click HERE to make an offer!


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