Grab This Super Rare 1967 Mercury Monterey S-55 Convertible

Jul 15, 2019 2 min read
Grab This Super Rare 1967 Mercury Monterey S-55 Convertible

Few of these high-performance variants packing a 428 were made.

Trying to remake its image in the eyes of American consumers, Mercury tried appealing to performance enthusiasts with cars like this 1967 Mercury Monterey S-55 Convertible. Ford decided early in the 1967 model year that this approach wasn’t a good fit for the brand, so the S-SS sub-series was discontinued early in the model year. As a result, a mere 145 Convertibles were ever made, so this car is super rare. This Mercury is being offered for sale through Ideal Classic Cars.

Grab This Super Rare 1967 Mercury Monterey S-55 Convertible

One of the biggest features of this car is the Super Marauder 428 V8 engine, which sounds amazing with the tuned dual exhaust system. This puts out the kind of power nobody will see coming. A Merc-O-Matic transmission allows for effortless cruising. You also get the ease of power steering and power front disc brakes. To help keep all that extra power in check, this car also comes with a performance suspension.

Adding the right tone of drama and sophistication, the Medium Aqua Metallic paint matches the factory coat. Mercury added some sportier styling elements to the S-55 version of the Monterey, namely the white power top.   You also get a pretty beautiful Parchment and Aqua interior with factory air conditioning and power driver’s seat. All the factory equipment, including the push-button AM radio, are all included with this car.

The Mercury Monterey enjoyed a long and successful production run from the 1952 to 1974 model years.  This particular car was part of the sixth generation, which ran from 1965 to 1968 and was bigger than the fifth generation. The 1967 model was restyled, particularly the grille, which was fashioned after what Lincoln was using at the time. Again, the S-55 models are rare, so investing in this car is a good move to make if you’re looking for something unique.

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