Clean 1966 Pontiac GTO Boasts True Power

Aug 23, 2019 2 min read
Clean 1966 Pontiac GTO Boasts True Power

It also has a PHS documentation.

One of the most sought-after vintage muscle cars, the GTO is always a pleasure to see as well as drive. This clean 1966 Pontiac GTO has the right setup, from an original interior and exterior to a potent 389ci V8. It’s up for grabs at the moment, making the perfect addition to an enthusiast’s or collector’s garage.

Clean 1966 Pontiac GTO Boasts True Power

Turn the key and fire the 389 up, then hear it purr like a kitten until you mash on the accelerator and it roars like a lion. With 360-horsepower on tap, thanks to the Tri-Power fuel system and three two-barrel carbs, this muscle car will really move you. A 4-speed manual transmission and a 2.76 rear, plus the original 3.55 gears ensure you can lay some serious rubber. Everything runs great and this car is a blast to drive on the road or at the track.

Thanks to PHS documentation, you can select this classic Pontiac GTO with confidence. Polished to a nice shine, the Candlelite Cream is captivating yet not overly flashy. It also pairs well with the black vinyl roof, which also has a nice shine to it and lack of weathering. The rest of the exterior is simple and straightforward, with factory badging, good-looking chrome, and wheels that don’t take away from the appeal of everything else.

Slide inside this beast and you’ll find nice black vinyl seats, fresh black carpeting, a wood-grain inlay for the dash, and factory controls. That includes the original steering wheel and shifter, so you get the fully authentic experience with this car. There’s a lack of aftermarket add-ons or replacements, other than an modern AM/FM radio and an under-dash air conditioning system. Those are two wise investments and they don’t take away from the car’s aesthetic appeal.

Everyone knows the GTO, thanks to plenty of movies and TV shows which helped make it famous. Enthusiasts regard it as one of the purest American muscle cars from long ago, and now this one could become yours. If you’re interested, get in touch with Streetside Classics.

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