Rise Above The Rest With This 1964 Studebaker Hawk

Apr 23, 2019 2 min read
Rise Above The Rest With This 1964 Studebaker Hawk

And it's now up for grabs!

Even among classic cars, something like this 1964 Studebaker Hawk really stands out. This is quite the rare set of wheels, making for a sure way to capture plenty of attention from fellow enthusiasts who know something exceptional when they see it. This cherry of a ride is generously offered by GR Auto Gallery.

Rise Above The Rest With This 1964 Studebaker Hawk

Even the most meticulous of inspections will find this Studebaker Hawk Gran Turismo is quite clean. Impeccable brightwork on the exterior plus the original badges make for an impressive presentation. The gleaming white paint complements the well-preserved black interior, including intact upholstery, making for a sophisticated presentation. This means you can display the car with genuine pride, making it ideal for shows. The heater works, allowing you to enjoy this GT for more months out of the year.

Driving this classic Studebaker is a blast thanks to the stout 289 V8 motor paired with an automatic transmission. While the engine was recently rebuilt, it stays true to the original for an authentic experience. This luxurious ride also comes with power steering and power brakes, so it’s easier to manage on the road.

Originally from Pennsylvania, this Hawk has been lovingly cared for from day one. The previous owner had it for six years and continued maintaining it to an exacting level. Finding another example this clean with the original setup would be difficult, even with some luck, that's why the GR Auto Gallery find is significant.

Production of the 1964 Studebaker Hawk stopped at just 4,009 units for the United States, meaning they were rare birds even when brand new. It’s estimated under 900 are still around, so this isn’t a car you’re likely to happen by again anytime soon. The Hawk was only available from 1962 to 1964 and was one of the last models made by Studebaker, adding to its historical significance.

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