Roll In Style Using A 1939 Cadillac Formal Limousine Series 75

Oct 4, 2019 2 min read
Roll In Style Using A 1939 Cadillac Formal Limousine Series 75

Good taste is timeless.

There’s no forgetting a face like the one on this 1939 Cadillac Formal Limousine Series 75. Like all 1939 Cadillac models, it features a main grille pointed in the center, plus two functional side grilles. Large round headlights on either side are incorporated into housings attached to the body, a design reserved at the time for only the most elegant cars on the road.

With a body by Fischer, this Cadillac Formal Limousine was a thing of stately beauty in its day. That careful design has aged quite well, making it quite attractive even by modern standards. Just like any proper limo, this car is painted black, a color which looks most excellent once washed and polished thoroughly. It allows the brightwork on the grille, front fender vents, bumpers, down both beltlines, and framing the windows to really stand out. Creating even more contrast are the wide whitewall tires wrapped around factory wheels.

While it was true back in the late 1930s, even today if you were to pull up to any event and get out of the backseat of this car, people will stop and notice. Instead of being overly flashy and trying too hard to make a positive impression, this limousine makes looking good feel effortless. It’s the kind of vehicle which is most appropriate for special occasions like weddings, fancy parties, or a big night on the town. It also would very much be at home at any classic car event.

Just as you would expect, the interior of this Cadillac features a clean, luxurious design. Tufted cloth upholstery over supportive, well-padded seats is one big bonus. Another is the glass partition between the driver and passenger compartments, which you can raise and lower by hand crank. Suicide doors allow access to the backseat, which is a fun and period-correct detail. Legroom is ample back there, plus there are two fold-down jump seats.

Cadillac was famous for its V8 power, and that’s exactly what resides under the alligator hood on this limo. There’s also a fun manual transmission. For more details about the state of this car and to inquire about making an offer, contact Vintage Car Collector directly.

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