Haul Some With A 1930 Ford Model AA Truck

Nov 22, 2019 2 min read
Haul Some With A 1930 Ford Model AA Truck

This classic Ford pickup is a real beauty.

Looking absolutely mesmerizing with a two-tone red and black exterior, this 1930 Ford Model AA Truck is about as American as apple pie. Sure to get people talking at any car gathering, or really a gathering of any type, it’s available for purchase. That means you could own a piece of this country’s car history and have a lot of fun doing it.

Haul Some With A 1930 Ford Model AA Truck

While you might see Ford Model AAs every once in a while, one with this color combination is truly rare. It also really jumps out at you, which is great. A restoration with about five years on it, plus obviously excellent care since means this truck is holding up excellently. As you can see, the exterior has a nice shine, with no body damage or other obvious blemishes. Good tires are wrapped around five-spoke steel wheels, with a spare tucked away under the bed. This classic Ford even has a windshield brow.

Then there’s the bed. Fresh, straight, largely unblemished pine makes up the floor, which is treated, and the rails. This is a detail which often indicates right away the kind of life one of these classics has lived, and the fact the boards are in such good condition is a positive sign.

All the glass on this Ford is free of cracks, while the upholstery on the bench seat looks essentially perfect. What looks to be original gauges and steering wheel complete the cabin setup.

You should be pleased to know the flathead four-cylinder engine is running smoothly. It works with a four-speed manual transmission, which is the upgraded option and something many prefer.

Considering this was one of the most popular trucks in America before World War II and helped farmers, businesses, and others get work done day after day, it’s impossible to overstate the historical significance of such a vehicle. This classic Ford is being offered for sale through Motorcar Studio, which you can contact with questions or to make an offer.

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