With a Gold-Plated Interior and a Mink Lined Trunk, This Stutz Strutz Itz Stuff

Oct 11, 2022 2 min read
With a Gold-Plated Interior and a Mink Lined Trunk, This Stutz Strutz Itz Stuff

Luxury and performance are this vehicle specialties.

Like most Americans he might only know the Blackhawks name because of the semi-recent successor of Cadillacs most predominant performance vehicle. However, there was one Brand that utilized the name long before any of us heard of it. That was Stutz, an iconic manufacturer of sports and luxury automobiles in the early days of car enthusiast culture. This particular vehicle is a perfect example of what made the company successful in the first place. Here’s why you should buy this stunning 1977 Stutz Blackhawk VI.

One of the main things that makes the car attractive to enthusiasts is the performance, a feature that can make or break even the most luxury focused automobile. Under the hood of this distinct muscle car is a 403 cubic inch V8 sourced from GM. One can only imagine that the massive displacement of this powerhouse was one of the main Benefits of its use in such a large platform. How a car makes its power is not the only positive attribute of its performance but rather icing on top of a much larger cake. That’s exactly where power transfer comes into play.

Sending power to the rear wheels of this incredibly flamboyant luxury performance vehicle is a three speed automatic transmission. Known for its easy operation combined with decent performance, a transmission platform which is very popular for enthusiasts based automobiles around the country. To top it all off this vehicle features styling unlike anything most people have ever seen makes it a very unique piece. More than 45 years of hard work and creating and maintaining this vehicle has now culminated into something truly special and you could be the next driver to get behind the wheel of this 1977 Stutz Blackhawk VI. The only question left now is, are you ready to possess something so rare?

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