Motorious Readers Get Double Entries To Win These Awesome Chevy Muscle Cars

Jan 10, 2024 2 min read
Motorious Readers Get Double Entries To Win These Awesome Chevy Muscle Cars

This is a Chevy lovers dream!

Muscle car enthusiasts, get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Imagine the thrill of owning not just one, but two of the most iconic big-block Chevy muscle cars ever built. The current giveaway offers a chance to win a 1969 Camaro SS396 and a 1970 Chevelle SS454 - a dream come true for any classic car aficionado.

The 1969 Camaro SS396 is a marvel of American automotive history. Known for its power and style, this model boasts a 375 horsepower V-8 engine and only 14,000 original miles. Its meticulous restoration highlights its classic features, including the much-admired Houndstooth interior, a 160-mph speedometer, and a floor shifter. The additional aluminum heads and exhaust headers provide that extra horsepower, making it an irresistible piece of muscle car heritage.

But that's not all. The giveaway also includes a 1970 Chevelle SS454, renowned as one of the most iconic Chevelles ever. This beauty comes with a no-expense-spared restoration, gleaming in its rare color combination. Under the hood lies the powerful LS5 454ci V-8 engine, which was the highest-horsepower big-block option available with factory air conditioning. This Chevelle combines performance with luxury, featuring air conditioning and a cowl induction hood.

Both these cars represent the pinnacle of muscle car era, and now, they could be yours. By entering this giveaway, not only do you get a chance to win these two magnificent vehicles, but you also contribute to charity. Plus, to make this offer even more appealing, $40,000 will be paid on your behalf to cover the federal taxes.

So, if you've ever dreamt of owning these legendary muscle cars, now is your chance. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to drive away in a piece of automotive history. Enter now and get ready to turn heads in these classic American beauties!

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