Viper Red 1966 Chevy Impala Is Impossible To Ignore

Feb 8, 2022 2 min read
Viper Red 1966 Chevy Impala Is Impossible To Ignore

This classic Chevy will headline your collection!

The fifth-generation Impala is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cars to ever hit the American automotive performance market because of its instantly recognizable style and passion for power. Under the hood was a wide variety of engine options ranging from smaller 300+ ci V8s to gigantic 454 ci power plants. These options gave us a fantastic power range which went up to over 400 horsepower in the larger V8s. Upon its initial release, one year that was particularly revered in the automotive community was the 1966 production model, which had a very similar style to the Chevelle and virtually cemented the Chevy A-body platform as one of the most outstanding designs all-time in automotive engineering. But, of course, the importance of all of this storytelling is to get you ready for a specific car whose reputation for performance and style far exceeds any other to this day.

This pristine 1966 Chevrolet Impala strikes us as an incredibly eye-catching vehicle due to its bright red paint, vintage wheels, and simplistic original exterior style. Every bit of this car screams to be respected as the American luxury muscle car legend that it indeed is. You'll notice that the car seems to be raked forward when looking at the vehicle's side profile. This is not an accident, as the car was built for dominating the drag strip with a ton of performance suspension parts. One such upgrade is the fully rebuilt front suspension, allowing tighter handling and steering control over stock counterparts. This is complemented by the 3.73 Posi-Track rear end, the perfect choice for this great car. Of course, handling performance is important, but how does the engine compare to the other parts?

You might be surprised to hear that this car sports a massive 396 ci Chevy big-block V8 under the hood, which utilizes sound old classic GM engineering to produce around 325 horsepower, assuming that it's all original. While the ad does not state any powertrain modifications, we know that this car is incredibly peppy in the power department as it boasts a four-speed Muncie manual transmission, making it faster than nearly any other Impala of its caliber. This car was meant to be driven; this is prevalent with everything from the incredible powertrain combination to the custom center console, which makes the driver the main focus of the vehicle. All of this means that the only thing missing from the car is you behind the wheel!

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