Vintage 1932 Chrysler Is Staged To Take On A New Owner, Will It Be You?

Dec 28, 2021 2 min read
Vintage 1932 Chrysler Is Staged To Take On A New Owner, Will It Be You?

This car represents an insane opportunity for automotive collectors to get their hands on an insane piece of American automotive history.

Classic Chrysler automobiles have become extremely popular in recent years for their immense power, Hemi engines, and fabulous '60s styling. However, one often overlooked the Chrysler automotive design era we all know and love in the 1930s. This period saw the rise of innovation across the board as American car companies saw a need for a lineup of quick sharp-looking vehicles that the general public could get their hands on. Luxury cars were becoming particularly popular, and vehicles such as the Imperial would soon notice a leap forward in technology and exterior styling. Nowadays, these cars come at a significant cost of monetary resources and time spent researching as they become rarer every day.

That means that this incredible 1932 Chrysler CH Imperial Cabriolet is the perfect choice for any automotive enthusiasts looking to get their hands on an ultra-valuable piece of automotive history. Under the long hood of this beast is a massive 383 ci straight-eight engine which puts out right around 125 horsepower. Of course, that was an insane amount of power for the time, and it was all sent through a four-speed manual transmission which made driving even more fun for this lightweight luxury legend. Two rows of seating are afforded via the external seating, which opens and closes on the vehicle's rear.

That fantastic seat placement combined with the convertible top of this vehicle makes it the perfect car for cruising and showing off your intense vehicle from a time of early automotive innovation. Of course, this is an infrequent opportunity that only comes up once in a blue moon, so automotive enthusiasts just like you are going to be kicking down the door to get their hands on this insane vehicle. The only question to be asked now is, who will take home this beautiful '32 Imperial?

This car is being sold by Worldwide Auctioneers to bid or consign, please visit

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