This Unique 356 A Cabriolet Is Selling On Bring A Trailer And It’s For The True Porsche Enthusiasts

Dec 27, 2023 3 min read
This Unique 356 A Cabriolet Is Selling On Bring A Trailer And It’s For The True Porsche Enthusiasts

The online auctions ends December 29th.

In the realm of classic cars, few models capture the imagination like the 1958 Porsche 356A Cabriolet, a vehicle that exemplifies the intersection of timeless design and automotive innovation. This particular Porsche 356A, completed in November 1957 and originally delivered to a US Air Force captain via Sonauto of Paris, has recently undergone a comprehensive restoration, reviving its iconic status and elegance.

The extensive refurbishment, undertaken since its acquisition by the current owner in 2014, was a meticulous process. Europa Autowerks of Portland, Oregon, was entrusted with the task of returning the car's Reutter-built body to its original glory. Stripped to bare metal and fitted with new sheet metal in key areas, the body was repainted in a striking red hue, highlighting its graceful curves and classic silhouette.

A distinct feature of this model is its black removable hardtop, complementing the body's red finish. The car's exterior is further enhanced by body-color bumpers with bright guards and overriders, a driver-side mirror, teardrop taillights, and a single-grille decklid. Notably, the car does not come with a convertible top or mechanism, focusing instead on the hardtop configuration.

The restoration extended to the car's wheels, with silver-painted 15″ wide-five wheels adorned with chrome baby moon hubcaps and equipped with 165-series Michelin XZX radial tires. A matching spare wheel resides in the front trunk, accompanied by a toolkit and a jack, ensuring preparedness for any journey.

Inside, the Porsche's cabin underwent a transformation at Autobahn Interiors of San Diego, California. Bucket seats and the rear folding bench were meticulously retrimmed in black upholstery, matched with a color-coordinated dash pad and door panels. The hardtop's interior is lined with a perforated tan headliner, while square-weave carpets lined with black rubber mats add to the cabin's elegance.

Central to the driving experience is the refurbished 1,600cc flat-four engine, rebuilt by Profab. Equipped with replacement pistons, cylinders, twin Zenith carburetors, and a Dansk muffler, the engine is a testament to Porsche's engineering excellence. The engine's stamping confirms its authenticity, aligning with the Type 616/1 unit built for a 1958 356 A.

The car's performance is further bolstered by a meticulously rebuilt four-speed manual transaxle, ensuring smooth power delivery to the rear wheels. The restoration involved replacing synchros, bearings, and seals, with the transaxle case soda-blasted and the axle tubes powder-coated for durability and aesthetics.

Accompanying the car is a copy of the Kardex, detailing its distribution via Sonauto of Paris, factory colors, and powertrain numbers, offering a glimpse into the car's storied history.

This 1958 Porsche 356A Cabriolet, now offered in New York with a clean Montana title, represents a fusion of heritage and craftsmanship. It stands as a beautifully restored piece of automotive history, ready to captivate a new generation of Porsche enthusiasts and collectors.

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