This F1 Legend Was An Innovation Like No Other In Its Day

Apr 1, 2022 2 min read
This F1 Legend Was An Innovation Like No Other In Its Day

You could be the new owner of one of Ferrari’s most iconic F1 racing champions.

F1 has a long and complete history of high-performance racing cars with more than enough power to boost the lightweight chassis to ridiculous speeds. For many of us, someday owning one of these speed demons is a lifelong goal so that we too may go as fast as our racing heroes. It may seem like a pipe dream to those who have never experienced the tantalizing acceleration and wicked fast cornering ability of our personal F1 race car. However, this particular vehicle and its seller aim to make that dream a reality for one lucky enthusiast willing to part with a few dollars. This is your chance to get behind the wheel of one of F1's most iconic supercar-powered racers.

This is a 1989 Ferrari F640, and it is a historic piece of racing and automotive heritage to be revered around the globe as Ferrari's most incredible F1 creation. Piloted by Nigel Mansell during the 1989 Formula 1 Racing series, this car took home the first place prize in races such as the Brazilian and Hungarian Grand Prix. Pictures of this fast car are scattered throughout thousands of pieces of European automotive literature for its prowess on the track. So, of course, it's easy to see why this car was such a deadly weapon on any road course or F1 circuit track. The aerodynamic design alone may be enough for some enthusiasts, but for us, what really matters is what's behind the driver.

This beast is powered by a 3.5-liter Ferrari V12 engine which makes somewhere in the ballpark of 650 horsepower. Considering these cars usually weigh far below 2000 lbs, it's safe to say that this power level is quite ridiculous, even for an established racer. Not only is the powerhouse a massive success on the part of the Ferrari engineering group, the way it transfers that energy was innovative, to say the least. This champion was the first Ferrari F1 vehicle to ever use a semi-automatic transmission setup, making it hundreds of seconds faster than previous models. If you're looking for something violent enough to scare you with all of the grace and flamboyant nature of a raw Ferrari, then this is your car.

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