This Delahaye 135M Is A Work of Art That Raced

Jan 5, 2023 1 min read
This Delahaye 135M Is A Work of Art That Raced

The epitome of rare vintage luxury and sports cars.

In the May 1930s the Delahaye automotive manufacturer was one of the top dogs in the world of luxury cars. It seems like a quintessential aspect of life back then, high rollers riding around in beautifully crafted convertibles. Almost a century later, these vehicles are more than just old cars. In fact, they are legends and this particular automobile is ready for a new owner.

Built in 1936, this cabriolet model is the perfect example to show exactly what kind of design you could expect from the late 1930s. Of course, it wasn’t exactly like this car was a common sight on the road. Rather, this is a court competition 135 model making this car number three of only six produced like it. Because it is such a rare vehicle, it’s pretty easy to trace back its roots. That’s why, along with driving around one of the rarest vehicles ever made in that time, You also get full documentation of the course history ranging back to when it was brand new.

This vintage roadster wasn’t all about luxury, in fact there’s a photo of it racing in 1948. That was sort of the brand's model, high quality versatile vehicles that were good at everything they tried their hands at. Understandably, you might be a little worried about the vehicle's quality because of its racing history. However, in the 1980s the car received a full restoration making it just as good as the day it was purchased from the factory. All of this adds up to an incredible classic car that will surely retain its value as a collectors item for decades to come, and you could be its next driver.

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