Vinhammer Auctions Featuring A Stunning Jeep Scrambler

Mar 3, 2023 3 min read
Vinhammer Auctions Featuring A Stunning Jeep Scrambler

This truck was made to drive where no one else can.

Picture this, it’s 1981, you’re on the open road with some friends when your buddy points out an open field with the lake just around the corner. Your heart races as you pound that throttle to the floor and take off down the dirt roads before you. What are you driving? Nothing less than a Jeep as it so happens. In this vehicle you feel safe, comfortable, and ready to tackle whatever rocks get thrown your way.

At least, that’s how you feel behind the wheel of this Jeep Scrambler with it’s brown leather interior and white exterior paint job showing off to the world. From time to time you might look down at your wheels and see them cutting through the mud with some very sturdy operating tires. On top of that, the high riding suspension makes driving over obstacles fairly easy so that your truck doesn’t even notice the type of stuff that would put other vehicles out of commission.

You might be off-roading, but there is one thing that connects all car enthusiasts in one way or another, speed gets us excited. So, as your 258 cubic-inch motor roars to life, the Holley EFI sniper injection fuel injection system makes sure that you get to feel that. The Dana 300 transfer case handles all of the all wheel drive stuff without much of an issue. When you finally get to that lake you’ve been searching for you turn around and see your Jeep standing there with a sense of pride. All of this is simply to say this vehicle is the pinnacle of achievement for offering enthusiasts and the only question you need to ask yourself is will that be you in 2023?

VinHammer founders Jeremy Tepper and Michael Hoegerl have been passionate vehicle collectors for over two decades. They have shared a mutual interest in the collector Jeep community and enjoy chasing and uncovering some of the finest examples in the world. They have been fortunate to meet countless enthusiasts across the US.

The development of online vehicle sales has changed the buying, selling, and connecting of people across the world, but Jeremy and Mike often discussed the struggles of buying and selling vehicles on existing online auction platforms. The current options often lack speed, control, and options robust options. To fill the gap, they decided to find solutions to existing problems in the industry. In the middle of 2021, they enlisted the help of software engineers, website designers, and marketing experts to assist in the development of VIN Hammer™, setting the stage for a new leader in the online auction community.

This site is built to provide you with the most streamlined experience possible. The user portal ensures fast listing times for sellers and seamless transactions for buyers. We are giving you control of your vehicle's pricing and offering additional options for how it sells. We’re proud of what we’ve developed for the community and excited about bringing together buyers and sellers of some of the best enthusiast vehicles in existence!

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