Who Framed Roger Rabbit Ford Is Auctioning Now

Aug 22, 2023 2 min read
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Ford Is Auctioning Now

Do you want to own this famous movie car?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a technological tour de force that brought two major Hollywood studios together. While those who still remember the flick think fondly of Daffy and Donald Duck dueling on their pianos or other iconic moments, for gearheads one of the most fascinating parts of the movie are all the cars. Sure, the toon cars were cool and you can ride in some weird version of them at Disneyland, but the 1939 Ford 91A V8 that Eddie Valiant drove is something to envy. Shockingly, the car is up for auction right now, so it could become yours.

Learn about the cars from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood here.

A little known fact about the movie was even though it took place in the Hollywood area, it was actually shot in England. That’s why this classic Ford is being auctioned in England, the country where it’s resided its entire existence. That might deter some people in North America from bidding, but maybe not.

Believe it or not, this ’39 Ford has only been with two owners. That might explain how it survived in original condition and wasn’t chopped down in the 50s as a hot rod for racing on the streets of England. And while not perfect, we think the patina on the exterior and interior just adds to the character of this classic.

Another key to it staying in such great shape was that this ride spent a lot of time sitting in a museum where it was well cared for. The second owner pretty much kept it garaged except to go to car shows here and there.

As WWII was starting to really pick up steam in Europe, this Ford came off the assembly line. It’s amazing it survived the horrors of the following six years, what with all the Nazi air raids, and the military scooping up resources in its desperate attempt to keep the island nation safe.

If you’re interested in this Ford, it’s being auctioned online through Car & Classic until 11:30 on August 24 (UK time). At the time of writing, this vehicle hasn’t met reserve at just £6,100 so bidding isn’t fierce, yet. Check it out here.

Images via Car & Classic

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