Follow The Restoration Of A Porsche 993 Turbo by Gaudin Porsche Classic

Feb 22, 2023 1 min read
Follow The Restoration Of A Porsche 993 Turbo by Gaudin Porsche Classic

This car is entered into the Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge.

Porsche made a name within the automotive performance industry as the front runner in nearly every competitive outlet. Whether they are competing on a race track or the sales floor, the brand's primary goal has always been, and will always be, to beat the competition. The plan for accomplishing this has stayed the same for the German auto manufacturer's life. They focus on driving experience, style, and speed above all else, making them legendary in the automotive enthusiast community. Here's a car that perfectly embodies the spirit of Germany's favorite sports car, the 993 Turbo.

With a very different feel than modern cars of today, the cockpit is outfitted with the iconic five gauge instrument cluster that’s a part of every 911 interior. It’s a refreshing analog vehicle that features a manual transmission behind the turbo engine.

Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas chose this particular 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo for the 2023 Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge. The competition will be judged in three categories: preservation, restoration, and individualization. The car is highly original, so it will be seeking approval in the Preservation category. The team will work on the mechanics and appearance to restore and refresh the car to reflect its spot in automotive history.

The Porsche was originally delivered to Southern California in August of 1996, where it remained until 2001. It then made its way to Arizona and Las Vegas. Now at Gaudin, the restoration process has begun as the engine and transmission have been removed for inspection. Updates to follow!

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