Race To Own This 2003 Panoz Esperante GTS

Jun 16, 2021 2 min read
Race To Own This 2003 Panoz Esperante GTS

This race car is looking for a new driver!

Coming from a company that specializes in building world-class racecars, it's no wonder that the Panoz Esperante is such an incredible sports car in its own right. This 2003 Panoz Esperante GTS is chassis #40, and it is now up for grabs through Awesome Joe Auctions.

At the heart of this 2003 Panoz Esperante is a V8 Ford 351 Windsor Built by Keith Craf, and it is rated at 590-horsepower. Keith Craft built Ford 351 Windsor Block bored to 408 ci and dyno'ed at 590-hp, it has Brodix Track II heads, a Forged Eagle crankshaft, and Forged Eagle rods - built in late 2017. Mated to the powerful engine is a Tremec TKO600 5-speed manual transmission.

The car features a full tube-frame chassis with damage-resistant ABS bodywork   resulting in a curb weight similar to that of a Mazda Miata, putting it at just 2,685 lbs total. With just 12.10 hours on the rebuild, there are plenty of years of enjoyment left in this Esperante GTS.

Considering the level of performance the Esperante GTS is capable of, this car has a very fitting appearance. It's outfitted with a fresh interior, custom dash, safety equipment, gauges, and more. The braking and suspenion are also capable of handling anything you throw at it.

There are plenty of collectible performance cars out there, but this 2003 Panoz Esperante GTS represents a unique opportunity to own a bespoke American race car. You need to visit the ad here to get all of the information about this extremely impressive car.

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