Premier Auction Group Selling One-Off Mercury Templeton Saturn With Great History This Weekend

Mar 13, 2023 2 min read
Premier Auction Group Selling One-Off Mercury Templeton Saturn With Great History This Weekend

This classic is the definition of class.

In the late 1940s, there was pretty much one big way to show off your wealth to anyone that happened to be looking in your direction. That was through what kind of car you drive. From Lincoln to Rolls-Royce, Buick Cadillac, these vehicles became the epitome of luxury, style, and class . However, there was one brand that sought to take out all of its competition with one clear advantage, it was backed by Ford.

Just take this 1948 Mercury Templeton for example, and believe me it is a great one. Along with having a very fancy sounding name, everybody in line was made to be as boastful and round as possible. The fenders are extra wide to fit thicker tires, hood extremely long for the engine, and passenger/driver area was pretty big too. Looking at it now, things start to come together and you see how utilitarian a luxury car can really be despite its eccentricities.

Under the hood sits a pretty massive V8 engine which, for its time, has been a pretty powerful unit. Maybe speed wasn’t exactly how it is today but they still love to have fun behind the wheel back then which is exactly why this vehicle is built a lot like the race cars from the time. Even still, the car will never lose what it was originally built to be, a comfort base luxury car. Now all it needs is a great driver who’s willing to maintain and take care of it as the rare piece of automotive history it is.

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