Motorious Readers Get Extra Entries To Win The Fastest Corvette Ever

Apr 11, 2023 2 min read
Motorious Readers Get Extra Entries To Win The Fastest Corvette Ever

Car people unite to keep our history alive.

Chevrolet brought a new kind of power to the automotive enthusiast market with the unveiling of the Corvette E-Ray. A hybrid that combined the best of V8 engine technology and electric motor utility into one quick sports car. That’s the dream for a lot of enthusiasts who like electric cars and traditional style racers. However, you might not have much luck getting your hands on one with the market how it is now. Or at least that was the case before this 2024 2LT arrived.

Presented by the International Motor Racing Research center, this Corvette will soon take on the road with a brand new driver behind the wheel. The best part is, that could be you. When you place a donation towards preserving Motorsport history you get a chance to win the ‘Vette. If that sounds enticing to you then the process is simple and you might even get to hit the road with this vehicle’s title under your name. So what should you expect from this Chevy?

One of the major pieces of this puzzle is the 6.2-liter LT2 V8 engine which helps preserve the sports car’s heritage. It is that history of racing that built this powerhouse to be capable of 495 horsepower and 470 ft/lbs of torque.that pretty wild on its own but things get more interesting when you consider the electric motors upfront making 160 horsepower and 125 ft/lbs of torque. Topping all of their off is the all-wheel-drive system which provides maximum traction. All things considered, it’s a great cause for any car enthusiast looking to make a difference and possibly win a modern day performance legend.

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