PcarMarket Is Selling A Larry Chmura Modified 356 That Gives You The Looks Of A 356 With The Power of A 911

Dec 15, 2023 3 min read
PcarMarket Is Selling A Larry Chmura Modified 356 That Gives You The Looks Of A 356 With The Power of A 911

This auctions closes on Monday, so bid now!

A unique 1960 Porsche 356B Roadster, customized by the renowned racing driver Larry Chmura, is now available for auction in Spokane, WA. This exquisite vehicle, embodying the pinnacle of automotive design and engineering, is more than just a car—it's a piece of motoring history.

A Blend of Classic and Modern

This 356B Roadster, one of only 2,653 units bodied by Karosseriewerke Drauz between 1960 and 1962, underwent a significant transformation under the guidance of Larry Chmura in 1978. The original engine was replaced with a powerful 2.8-liter 911 flat-six, paired with a Type 911/01 5-speed manual transaxle. This upgrade not only enhanced its performance but also solidified its status as a collector's item.

Distinguished Exterior Features

Retaining the iconic T5 body style designed by Erwin Komenda, this Roadster boasts modifications that set it apart. It features widened rear fenders, crafted from Porsche 930 front fenders, and a custom twin-grille decklid for improved cooling. The car's striking appearance is further accentuated by its red paint job, blue convertible top, Talbot mirrors, and Fuchs alloy wheels.

Performance-Oriented Interior

The interior of this Porsche 356B Roadster offers a black vinyl and cloth finish, with aftermarket sport seats and seatbelts for an enhanced driving experience. It is equipped with upgraded 911-derived VDO instrumentation, strategically tilted for a performance-focused feel. The seller notes some wear on the dash pad, yet all gauges and electronics function correctly.

Exceptional Power and Handling

The heart of this Roadster is its 2.8-liter flat-six engine, meticulously maintained and paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. The vehicle also features 1970 911-derived front and rear disc brakes, reinforced torsion arms, and a 911 alloy rear suspension system, ensuring a driving experience that is both thrilling and smooth.

A Collector's Dream

This Porsche 356B Roadster has been featured in various magazines and press literature, highlighting its unique place in automotive history. The sale includes a clean title, a spare tire, and the featured literature. With its compelling blend of classic charm and modern enhancements, this Roadster is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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