Mike Wolfe From American Pickers 'As Found' Collection Being Sold at Mecum's Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

Dec 16, 2022 1 min read
Mike Wolfe From American Pickers 'As Found' Collection Being Sold at Mecum's Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

Classic bikes have a special style and these motorbikes show that.

Vintage motorcycles are some of the coolest vehicles that you can hope to find on the classic automotive market. Bikes from manufacturers like India, Harley Davidson, and even a Honda might get you kind of excited about the prospect of purchasing one. However, some people are not strictly content to buying one motorcycle. Rather, they choose to purchase the whole lot from a collection. Well, here’s your chance to be one of those people.

From a quick glance you might only see a bunch of old bikes but examining further will reveal some of the best two wheeled vehicles of their time. This is evidence by the plethora of Harley Davison‘s from the early to mid 1940s. Displaying hundreds of different color options, these bikes use their curvy nature to alert the eye of many riders. On top of that call you can also see quite a few Indian bikes which also typically range from the 1940s and 1950s. One search automobile that fits that description perfectly is a 1948 Indian chief with a tan brown patina that seemingly only adds to his personality.

Contrasting the rusty 1948 model is a 1947 edition Indian chief coded in a beautiful black and yellow paint scheme. This bike joins the lake of a 1970 Honda motorcycle that has also been kept in pristine condition. Overall, this is a great balance of patina and shine with many examples of both throughout the entire collection. It’s also quite a massive collection with over 70 motorcycles are featured. Nowadays, it’s time for the motorcycles to find a new garage to call home and a wicked rider to thoroughly push the limits of adventure. The question now is, will that be you?

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