Cascio Motors Is Selling A Sinister Mercedes SL65 Black Series On Bring A Trailer

Nov 23, 2022 2 min read
Cascio Motors Is Selling A Sinister Mercedes SL65 Black Series On Bring A Trailer

Talk about an awesome Black Friday if you win it!

Mercedes has been one of Germany's premium luxury automotive brands for the last hundred years or so, for a very good reason. They’ve created some of the sleekest, fastest, and comfortable cars on the sports car market. However, this particular vehicle throws luxury and comfort to the wind in favor of a jaw dropping seat gripping Driving experience that will leave you shaking as you get out of the car. Unlike anything else on the road, this tastefully designed European performance legend focuses on raw power with a bit of that classic German grease we all know in love.

The vehicle in question is a 2009 Mercedes 65 SL AMG, pretty much the top of the line in terms of Benz brand sports cars. Everything from its incredibly low ride height to the sleek black paint job makes it a fearsome opponent on the track and road as it seems to overshadow nearly everything else that comes in contact with. This is primarily because it was treated from the factory to the black series package. Meant to show off subtler body lines while still providing a slick look on paved roads, this exterior is highly respectable for its panache and tastefulnesses.

Of course, the car doesn’t only look good, it also sounds pretty amazing. For that you can think of the 6 L twin turbocharged V 12 engine that sits under the long hood of this masterpiece. Such a violently powerful motor is something to be in all of for sure and would likely post quite an imminent threat to any competitor looking your way. To top it all off this is one of just 175 models available in the American region meaning that you will join a very special group with access to abundant performance and very little viable competition. The only question left is, can you handle this car?

This amazing Mercedes is being sold by Visit their site to learn more about their consignment process and see their other great vehicles.

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