Meaty Mustang Rips Through L.A. Streets

Nov 12, 2021 1 min read
Meaty Mustang Rips Through L.A. Streets

This incredible ‘Stang is boasting over 700 horsepower to the rear wheels and some awesome style.

Ford is one of America's favorite automotive manufacturers due to creating the American and pony car revolution of the late 1960s. You may know them for their trucks, SUVs, or compact cars, but we'd be willing to bet that when you think of Ford, you have another model in mind, the Mustang. This compact pony car was arguably the first of its kind as it combined the intense performance of muscle cars with the price and size of a much smaller car. Another excellent piece of the performance puzzle for the Ford Mustang is the tight handling and braking capabilities that come with the smaller size and some are finished with top-rated seat covers.

This generation, in particular, showed that off very well with some early 2000s engineering, but that isn't the unique thing about this car. Instead, it is the customization and heavy modification that make this vehicle extremely unique. Under the hood of this intense 2003 Terminator Cobra Mustang is a massive Whipple supercharger that helps the Shelby V8 produce a pure 720 horsepower. Spinning tires is absolutely no issue for this incredible piece of American automotive engineering as all of that power is hitting the wheels and not just the crankshaft.

Like any high horsepower Mustang racer, the rear seats have been deleted to free up some weight. This choice was also made to fit the roll cage, which keeps the harnesses intact. The exterior is deep black, with many carbon fiber parts such as canards and splitters scattered throughout, and instead of top-rated seat covers, Recaro seats on the inside. Finally, the cowl hood helps to show off the intense performance of this muscle-bound Mustang. Driving around LA must be a treat in this wild 700 horsepower beast. Turning heads and doing constant burnouts and neutral revs are a part of everyday life for this guy as it is a pretty iconic and loud car.

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