GAA Is Selling A 1970 Superbird With a 440 And A 4-Speed

Mar 8, 2023 2 min read
GAA Is Selling A 1970 Superbird With a 440 And A 4-Speed

Plymouth Superbird shows its 200 MPH aerodynamics!

Imagine being a little kid watching Nascar when all of a sudden Mopar, a brand that ironically doesn’t compete anymore, shows up to the track with a record breaking muscle car. I’m talking about the Daytona and its arguably more attractive cousin, the Plymouth Superbird. These two were a dynamic duo, having top speeds around the 200 mph mark. So, holding the heritage of true muscle car legend, these cars became icons. Now you’ve got the chance to own one.

It all starts with this immaculate white 1970 Plymouth Superbird, a true representation of the brand’s best qualities. On the outside you can see the well-maintained body lines transitioning to the pointed front bumper and high-rise wing. Even the pop up headlights, something that is notoriously difficult to keep healthy, seem to be in pretty good condition. But then again, those minor indicators of high quality maintenance are not the only attractive feature.

Under the hood is the centerpiece of the whole arrangement with a massive V8 engine screaming to life. Unlike some Mopar’s that might’ve used a 383 cubic inch engine, this car has a 440 cubic inch V8. Needless to say, this big block has more than enough torque to rip off the line but it’s the 375 horsepower that really helped the car on the track. On top of all that, there is the four speed manual transmission which makes power transfer possible. All things considered, this is a race car from the golden era of automotive design and you could be its next driver.

This great car is part of the Jerry Smith Collection here.

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