Start 2024 Off Right By Winning This Ferrari 512 Selling On Bring A Trailer

Dec 29, 2023 3 min read
Start 2024 Off Right By Winning This Ferrari 512 Selling On Bring A Trailer

The online auctions ends January 1st and the car is selling at no reserve.

A remarkable piece of automotive history has surfaced in the form of a 1983 Ferrari 512 BBi, one of only 1,007 fuel-injected models crafted during its exclusive four-year production span. This classic Italian sports car, boasting a storied journey through Texas, California, and Oregon, now awaits a new chapter under the stewardship of an avid collector or enthusiast.

Finished in the quintessentially Ferrari Rosso Corsa over a sophisticated beige leather interior, this 512 BBi is a striking representation of the brand's rich heritage. The Berlinetta Boxer, a brainchild of Pininfarina's Leonardo Fioravanti, first turned heads at the 1971 Turin Auto Show. The 512 BBi iteration, unveiled a decade later in Frankfurt, was never officially sold in the US, making this a rare stateside find.

This particular model, imported and federalized by Amerispec Corporation, showcases the model's signature pop-up headlights, fog lights, a front spoiler, and the iconic NACA side ducts, culminating in a rear with quad exhaust outlets. It sits on impressive center-locking 415mm five-spoke wheels adorned with Michelin TRX metric tires.

The interior echoes the car's exterior elegance, featuring Daytona-style seats in beige leather, air conditioning, a Pioneer cassette stereo, and the classic gated dogleg shifter. The cabin's layout is both luxurious and functional, exemplifying the era's grand touring ethos.

Under the hood lies the heart of this beast – a 4.9-liter F110A flat-12 engine, equipped with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and delivering a factory-rated 340 horsepower. A testament to meticulous maintenance, the vehicle has recently undergone a timing-belt service and fluid changes, ensuring its readiness for the road or the show.

With the odometer displaying a mere 12,000 kilometers (~7,000 miles), a significant portion accrued under the current ownership, this 512 BBi is a well-preserved gem. Offered without reserve by an Arizona dealer, the sale includes service records, a period brochure, a toolkit, and a car cover, making it an irresistible proposition for collectors worldwide. This 1983 Ferrari 512 BBi not only represents a bygone era of automotive excellence but also offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Ferrari's illustrious history.

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