Exquisite 1998 RUF CTR 2 Selling Through Broad Arrow Auctions

Jun 7, 2024 3 min read
Exquisite 1998 RUF CTR 2 Selling Through Broad Arrow Auctions

Rare 1998 RUF CTR 2 with a single owner, 580 horsepower, and extensive history, offered at Monterey Jet Center auction.

A 1998 RUF CTR 2, one of fewer than 30 ever produced and boasting a single owner from new, is set to be auctioned at the Monterey Jet Center 2024 through Broad Arrow Auctions. This unique vehicle, a "Body in White" with a rare RUF W09 chassis number, features an upgraded 580 horsepower engine, four-wheel drive, a wide body, a short ratio transmission, and advanced carbon brakes. The car, which has been meticulously maintained and driven only 28,700 kilometers, is offered with an extensive history file, including original order forms and detailed records of its remarkable journey.

RUF Automobile GmbH, a renowned German manufacturer, was founded in 1939 by Alois Ruf Sr. Initially focused on vehicle repairs and servicing, the company transitioned into creating bespoke automobiles. Under the leadership of Alois Ruf Jr., RUF became synonymous with performance and luxury, capturing the hearts of car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. RUF's legacy was cemented with the introduction of the iconic CTR "Yellowbird" in 1987, followed by the CTR 2 in 1995, which introduced aerodynamic enhancements and groundbreaking performance features.

In November 1997, the consignor, a performance enthusiast, visited RUF's Pfaffenhausen facility and chose to order a new CTR 2, drawn by RUF's unique VIN sequence starting with "W09." Initially offered the Yellowbird number one, the consignor opted for the latest CTR 2 model, specified with numerous high-performance options. The vehicle's production involved continuous communication and adjustments to meet the consignor's exact specifications, including the installation of a Sport 580 horsepower engine, carbon-kevlar body panels, a 4WD system, advanced carbon brakes, and a bespoke six-speed transmission with shorter gear ratios.

Throughout the production process, the consignor maintained a close relationship with RUF, ensuring every detail met their standards. This dedication culminated in a CTR 2 that not only prioritized acceleration but also achieved top speeds of up to 325 kph on the German Autobahn. The car remained in Germany until the end of 2000, under RUF's care, before being shipped to the consignor's home, where it continued to be meticulously maintained.

This 1998 RUF CTR 2, a true air-cooled masterpiece, is a rare and highly collectible example, benefitting from single ownership and an extensive history file. Its recent appearance at the 2024 Amelia Island Concours, where it was reunited with Estonia Ruf, highlighted its pristine condition and historical significance. The auction at the Monterey Jet Center offers collectors a unique opportunity to own one of the most important RUFs ever created, complete with original documents, order forms, photographs, and correspondence, providing a glimpse into RUF's legendary personal ordering process.

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