Craigslist Find: 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Convertible

Feb 10, 2022 2 min read
Craigslist Find: 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Convertible

Would you ride this fish or die?

For many, especially the Mopar faithful, there’s no muscle car greater than the 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda. It’s a legend on wheels, but with that kind of status comes of course big asking prices for rare, numbers-matching, examples in good order. That’s what we have for your consideration today via Craigslist in Phoenix.

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Right off the bat, we know a lot of your will be excited to see this ‘Cuda. After all, it’s a big block ‘Cuda convertible 4-speed, and the seller claims only 30 of these were made for 1971. He thinks only 15 are left – we’ll let everyone debate that one if they care to. Bottom line, this thing is one rare fish.

Rarity means big bucks. The $219,000 asking price is going to be too rich for some and will make certain enthusiasts who remember how much these sold for new pretty furious. Unfortunately, this is the result of market conditions, another topic we’ll just let people debate instead of wading into that quagmire right now.

But wait, there’s more. Not only is this a numbers-matching car, it looks pretty fantastic inside and out. The paint, brightwork, dash, seats, etc. all present well. This is the kind of ride you can take to shows and really blow people’s socks off.

The seller says he has the original window sticker and build sheet. What’s more, he claims this is just a two-owner vehicle and that he is in possession of the title history from the get-go. All that helps justify the lofty price, but again we know that will be a huge obstacle for most people.

In the listing, the seller says he actually prefers “Mopar trades” especially a Challenger Hemi or Charger Hemi. We’re guessing he’s not talking about the modern versions of either, but if you chose to waste his time offering up your 2015 Charger just be prepared for no response.

Check out the listing for this amazing Mopar here.

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