Cool Blue 1970 Chevy Chevelle Is Up For Auction

Jun 3, 2021 2 min read
Cool Blue 1970 Chevy Chevelle Is Up For Auction

1970 was a golden age for the now-famous muscle car movement. With names such as the ‘Cuda, Firebird, and Chevelle hitting their peak around that time it seems like there is no better time for our beloved classics than the year 1970.

Chevrolet in particular was taking most of the attention with their stunning models. The fact is, nowadays, if you ask someone what was the most defining muscle car of the 1970s? They're likely to say the Chevelle. This is for good reason, with the option of big block power paired with a manual transmission these cars were a blast to drive in their time.

Of course with this incredible namesake usually comes extreme rarity and high prices for good examples. However, a truly spectacular example will surface every now and then. A Muscle car that defines what the 1970s were all about. This example being offered by Awesome Joe Auctions is the perfect embodiment of such a spirit. Rather than a decrepit version of a former hero, this is a beautiful car that retains and even improves on what made these cars so fantastic.

Under the hood of this 1970 Chevelle is a 454-cid Chevy big-block which appears from interior pictures to be mated to a manual transmission, though the ad states it is an automatic. Either way, this car is a noteworthy example with plenty of power. Stock, the engine made a blistering 450-horsepower, which is still impressive even by today’s standards.

This beautiful blue Chevelle is rocking classic double stripes down the middle of the hood, roof, and deck lid, which gives it such a cool look. Keeping with the original muscle car style, Chevy Rally II wheels are wrapped in beefy Cooper Cobra G/T Radial tires for an aggressive and commanding stance. Inside, is reflective of both 1970 and current times with a mostly stock appearing upholstery and dash and a modern stereo. For more information on this car including how to register to place your bid click here.

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