Celebrate Tanksgiving With the Ultimate Tank Experience

Nov 25, 2020 2 min read
Celebrate Tanksgiving With the Ultimate Tank Experience

Who among us didn't dream of driving a tank as a kid? Why did we have to give up that dream when we grew up?

Well, thanks to the American Heritage Museum, you don't have to. They're raffling off a once in a lifetime WWII Tank Experience, and all you have to do to win is buy tickets to support the museum.

Image Via American Heritage Museum

The money goes to a great cause – preserving our history for the benefit of future generations. If you win, you'll actually get to live that history, just a bit, and learn what tank crews lived through in World War II firsthand.

This two-day adventure will allow you and a friend the opportunity to drive three of America's greatest tanks – the M24 Chaffee, the M4A3 Sherman, and the M26 Pershing.

Image Via American Heritage Museum

In addition, you'll get hands-on, up close and personal with a guided tour of rare Russian, German, and British tanks from the same period. You'll get fitted for a tank crew uniform, and receive intensive training to learn how to drive these heavy beasts of war.

You'll learn how to make turns, traverse obstacles, and even climb hills. You and your buddy will get to trade places, with one of you in the turret and the other in the driver's seat. Both of you will get the full experience!

Image Via American Heritage Museum

Celebrate "Tanksgiving" by donating to the American Heritage Museum and participating in the raffle! We've even included a promo code – COOL20 – to sweeten the pot and help you get more tickets for your money.

Just $25 gets you three tickets (four with the promo), but the more money you spend, the cheaper each ticket becomes. For $100, you get 22 entries, four of which come from that COOL20 promo code. Don't waste any time, soldier – enter today!

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