Buy This 335-Horsepower Ford Bronco At Mecum’s Glendale Auction This Weekend

Mar 30, 2023 2 min read
Buy This 335-Horsepower Ford Bronco At Mecum’s Glendale Auction This Weekend

This twin-turbo Bronco is ready for the trail!

In 1970 Ford Bronco was pretty much the best option out there for Reliable performance in off-road settings. The big design of the body coupled with great suspension tuning for the time and wonderful aftermarket support that came a little bit later in the car's history made the Bronco iconic. Who could forget the incredible SUV that could be used for grocery getting, off-road adventuring, and running from the police? All of this is to say that, particularly in modern times, the Ford Bronco is a highly sought-after automobile but it can be often really hard to get a hold of which is exactly where this particular model comes in.

First of all, this isn't an ordinary restoration as it features a lot of New Age Technology that should make driving a lot easier. One of the main pieces of that performance-based puzzle is the 3.5 L Ecoboost V6 engine which utilizes direct fuel injection to make a lot more power than stock. On top of that, twin turbochargers Force air into all six cylinders to produce what the listing says is “ four times the output of the original standard 6 cylinder and double the optional V8 engine.”  All of that power is then sent through a six-speed automatic transmission and, of course, a dual-range transfer case which will make off-roading in four-wheel drive more than possible for a good driver.

On the exterior, you'll see what gives the Bronco a particularly alluring presence with the red and white two-tone contrasting perfectly to make a visually striking vehicle. You might notice you could probably live inside the wheel well gaps which are perfect for off-roading as it allows for greater suspension travel without the worry of damaging the body panels. That's an important part of driving around this Bronco has custom-fabricated front and rear bumpers that are some of the most unique pieces of modern restomodding out there. Overall, this Bronco takes what the original was known for and makes it even better with a touch of new technology to tie everything together.

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