Briggs Cunningham Designed a LeMans Car for the Road and Broad Arrow Auctions is Selling One

Sep 16, 2022 2 min read
Briggs Cunningham Designed a LeMans Car for the Road and Broad Arrow Auctions is Selling One

This vehicle is the perfect embodiment of 1950s performance and style.

Classic luxury automobiles are some of the most sought-after vehicles on the automotive market today for Myriad reasons. Some people enjoy the comfort, but they seem to provide while retaining everything that makes older cars cool. Others focus on the value; as these cars decrease, their desirability increases and the vehicle has become even more challenging to find. Either way, most of us can agree that some of the most excellent cars to ever wear the description of the luxury vehicle came out of the 1950s. This particular automobile is a perfect example of precisely what car people were looking for in 1954 when considering a Cunningham sports car. So what exactly makes this car stand out to potential Automotive buyers?

First, as you might have already guessed, this is not strictly a luxury vehicle despite its classy exterior styling. Instead, this is a LeMans race car built for the street and daily driving scenarios your average driver might expect to encounter. The first bit of proof of this concept comes from what is under the hood, a Chrysler Firepower Hemi V8 engine. Fans of the brand will understand that this was one of Chrysler's most significant steps towards the incredible Hemi platform we all know and love today. It proved particularly useful in the Cunningham C3 Vignale as it worked well to move the small but spacious sports car. But, of course, performance was not the only thing this car had going for it.

In fact, as suggested by the white wall tires, most of this car's appeal comes from the classier features, making it a spectacle for all who see it. These things include the two-tone paint job, which boasts a lovely Gray and dark gray, which look like something you would expect more from a British high-class Car show than a racing event. On top of that, the interior also boasts features that nobody ever expects from a vintage car, even some of the higher-value ones. Some of these options include a/c and an AM/FM radio, very desirable for the time and classic car enthusiasts today. This is an excellent option for any Automotive enthusiast looking to get into a unique piece of Automotive History design with performance and luxury in mind.

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