Blown Hillbank Mustang Is Dripping With Power For Road Or Track

Mar 23, 2020 3 min read
Blown Hillbank Mustang Is Dripping With Power For Road Or Track

You're not likely to come across another one of these for sale anytime soon!

Hillbank Motorsports, an aftermarket and performance shop in Irvine  California, offers performance and style parts for Mustangs, Camaros,  and trucks – alongside an extensive inventory of rare and custom built  performance cars. Among their current inventory resides a slew of Superformance GT40s and Cobra replicas, some Mustangs, Corvette Grand Sports, a Motorcycle, and this true Hillbank built 2015 Ford Mustang masterpiece - a nationally seen and competition winning 2015 Ford Mustang.

The exterior features a unique blue and American flag color wrap with  carbon hood, upper and lower grilles, rockers, splitter, and diffuser.  Masterfully done, this unique build rides on TSW Rotory Forged Turbina  wheels, wrapped in Toyo R88 and R888 tires. Ensuring traction and  superior ride quality and cornering capabilities, the suspension  features a Torsen 3.73 differential, KW V3 coil overs, and Whiteline  sway bars.

The interior matches the car perfectly with its race-oriented style,  carbon dash, and 5 point Cipher seats. Taking the place of the rear  seating is a padded and leather wrapped roll cage, further reinforcing  this builds intentions as a full race car.

However, if your intentions don’t match, the original seats are available with the car. The interior also includes a Tesla-style head unit with ODB can bus integration, bluetooth, and navigation.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the car though is kept under the  hood. Powered by a TVS 2300 supercharged RPG built engine, the Mustang  has a full 720-horsepower at its disposal. Backed by a T56 Magnum XL  six-speed manual transmission, the engine features Manley rods and  pistons, L&M intake cams, a 7 axis valve job, and is balanced for  high RPMs.

Even though this car appears to have been built for the track, it  does pass emissions in a state with some of the strictest emission laws.  The opportunity to own such a rare car with so much put into it only  comes around every once in a while and with an asking price of $37,499  this could be the chance of a lifetime. Get a closer look at the Mustang here.

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