Bentley S1 Continental Drophead Coupé With Park Ward 700 Coachwork Is A True Gentleman’s Car

Jun 14, 2021 2 min read
Bentley S1 Continental Drophead Coupé With Park Ward 700 Coachwork Is A True Gentleman’s Car

There are few cars from the postwar era more elegant than Bentley’s S1 Continental. At the top of the model line was the Park Ward 700 coachwork.

Unlike customary offerings that were more of an adaptation than a ground up design, the Park Ward 700 body was an original design made of aluminum. Smooth flowing bodylines accented by just the right amount of brightwork and interiors reminiscent of artwork are just a few of the features that Park Ward brought to the rigid Bentley chassis. Additionally, the lightweight of the materials allowed for better performance over other bodied Continentals. In all, only 94 Drophead Coupés were made, making them one of the rarest Bentleys today.

This particular model was ordered by Johannes Smit of “K.J.” Smit & Sons Ltd. on Ely Place in London and delivered on March 10, 1958. It featured a Shell Grey finish over a red leather interior, a radio, and fog lights. Today, the car is very close to how it was originally. It is still fitted with its original engine and the paint is very likely original as well. Despite the age of the finish, this car still shows well with only minor defects. The interior however, has most likely been restored as the leather seats do not appear to be nearly as old as the car and an absolutely stunning dash is made of highly textured grain wood.

Under the hood shows the true intended purpose of the car. While organized and obviously well cared for, the engine has obviously been enjoyed. This stunning Bentley is scheduled for RM Sotheby’s Eschen, Liechtenstein auction on June 19, 2021. For more information on this car or how you can place your bid click here.

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