Bagged And Cammed Chevy K5 Blazer Is Customized Goodness

Jun 25, 2021 2 min read
Bagged And Cammed Chevy K5 Blazer Is Customized Goodness

With the popularity of street trucks on the rise once again we are beginning to see more and more of these incredible machines of speed and style.

The concept of taking a truck, which is meant to carry things and have good ground clearance, and dropping onto the ground to showcase the builder's ironic humor as well as create a sleeker appearance is something that most car people have thought about more than once in our lives. While it certainly does not appeal to everybody, this design style has gained a reputation and following of its own with an incredible community surrounding these unique and creative marvels of automotive engineering. This example is no exception to that rule with an insane low-slung appearance giving it the aesthetic of a full-blow racing truck while also maintaining the style and design of the original vehicle.

The truck itself is already an iconic platform, this insane build started its life in 1972 as little more than just an ordinary K5 Chevy Blazer. However, as the years went by and people began to recognize the Blazer for being such a great general-purpose vehicle. It could also be argued that the Blazer was one of America’s first SUVs which further adds to the list of interesting facts about the legend.

Under the hood is a custom-built LS2 engine that produces a blistering 400 horsepower with the help of a far more aggressive cam than stock. All of that power is held together with a custom-made chassis from Phat Phabz and stopping power is handled with a full set of six-piston Wilwood disc brakes. All of that said, the most interesting bit of this incredible build is the Accuair e-level suspension system which allows for pleasant driving and an incredible low to the ground aesthetic when parked. If you're in the market for a custom truck like this then this car is definitely up to you ally, the only question is… are you down?

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