Fully-Optioned McLaren 570S Spider on Bring A Trailer Is Ready For Summer Driving

May 25, 2022 2 min read
Fully-Optioned McLaren 570S Spider on Bring A Trailer Is Ready For Summer Driving

It has MSO options, special wheels, and low miles.

This Mclaren 570S Spider is a car that needs no introduction because of its high status in the car community as one of Britain's best supercars. Vehicles like this were made to dominate virtually every sector of car culture in mind. Upon examining the exterior, it takes only a few seconds to understand the incredible attraction presented by the designers and all of the hard work put into the car. Even the Storm Gray paint job complemented by the black aerodynamic parts and contrasted by the yellow lining reflects the best of performance automotive design. So how does this insane supercar live up to its flamboyant styling?

Powering this low-slung beast is a robust 3.8-liter V8 engine that may seem impressive but packs a wild surprise alongside its cylinder count. Assisting the output of this creature is a twin-turbocharging system which makes driving and showing off a ton of fun. This adds up to a whopping 562 horsepower which seems fitting for such a striking vehicle. Typically you might see a supercar with much horsepower but very little torque due to their low stroke. However, this is no issue for the Mclaren as it makes 443 ft/lbs of torque which is more than enough to satisfy anyone with a taste for raw speed.

Of course, this vehicle will not be towing much of anything, but the added torque significantly improves acceleration. From 0 to 60 miles per hour, you can expect just 3.1 seconds of mashing the gas before reaching your destination. All of this is accomplished via a seven-speed SSG transaxle which completes the performance formula of this British supercar. Any European car enthusiast will find something to like about this ridiculous car, and now it is a highly contested item on the collector car market. The only question now is who will get their hands-on with this unique piece of automotive history.

This car is listed by 1600veloce a top seller on Bring A Trailer. Please visit www.meccanicshop.com to learn more about the consignment process and their other services.

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