1971 Volkswagen Meyers Manxster 2+2 Dune Buggy Heads To Auction

Aug 11, 2021 2 min read
1971 Volkswagen Meyers Manxster 2+2 Dune Buggy Heads To Auction

This unique VW is ready for a new owner!

Volkswagen has a reputation for making some of the coolest little cars that the automotive community has ever seen. Whether it's the Beetle, Golf, or even the Jetta it's hard to disagree that these adorable powerhouses can be made to do some wild stuff. When we say made, of course, we do mean that it takes work. This leads many enthusiasts puzzled by the idea of wanting a high-performance capable Volkswagen but having to commit copious amounts of time and money to the build process. What if you didn't have to do all of that to have your very own German offroader?

That is exactly where this car comes in. This full-built custom 1971 Volkswagen Meyers Manxster 2+2 Dune Buggy is just the right tool for the job. While there have been many replicas of this car in the past, this is a 100% genuine example of the classic Meyers Dune Buggy. Currently, without an owner, this Buggy is ready to hit the beach once again with its high ride height, rouged tires, and tough-built engine. One such upgrade utilized by the aforementioned engine was the introduction of dual carburetors which allow the motor to squeeze out so much more power.

The body is beautifully crafted from fiberglass and it also comes with a removable hardtop which allows for full coverage of all passengers and drivers. The inside of the vehicle seats four people as the rear is equipped with jumper seats for a comfortable and fun ride. This car was built to be driven rough through the tall dunes of the local beach and it should have no issue doing so. Of course, being the perfect tool for some creative driving fun many automotive enthusiasts would be overjoyed to have this automobile. The only question is, will it be you?

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