Saratoga Auto Auction Is Selling a 1970 AMC Rebel Machine With A 390 & 4-Speed

Sep 19, 2023 3 min read
Saratoga Auto Auction Is Selling a 1970 AMC Rebel Machine With A 390 & 4-Speed

An AMC legend.

The American Motors Corporation (AMC) certainly made an impact on the world of muscle cars when it unveiled the 1970 AMC Rebel Machine. With a production run of only 1,000 units featuring the signature red, white, and blue color scheme, this Rebel Machine is more than just a classic—it's a rare collectible that excites the heart of every muscle car enthusiast.

Of the 1,936 Rebel Machines produced in 1970, only the first 1,000 came in the premium patriotic colors, making each of these unique vehicles particularly desirable among collectors. The Rebel Machine represented the pinnacle of the Rebel nameplate for 1970, with 21,699 Rebels produced in total that year.

The 1970 Rebel Machine boasts a formidable 390 cubic inch engine that delivers an impressive 340 horsepower, mated to a Borg Warner T-10 4-speed transmission with a Hurst shifter. This powerhouse was born out of improvements over the earlier SST model. Thanks to a high-flow dual-plane intake, a ram-air system, and high-flow dogleg cylinder heads, the Machine's 390 engine generated an extra 15 horsepower compared to the SST.

The Rebel Machine's design is instantly eye-catching due to its unique and patriotic color scheme. The body is painted white with red stripes that run from the fender back. A blue section on the hood accentuates the functional ram-air scoop and the hood-mounted tachometer, creating a design that not only turns heads but also symbolizes the American spirit.

This particular Rebel Machine has undergone a thorough and quality restoration. It comes equipped with power disc brakes, a 5.00:1 Detroit Locker rear, and a heavy-duty cooling system that employs a Power-Flex fan. Its upgraded suspension and handling package make it not just a beautiful car to look at, but also a joy to drive. The vehicle has been well-maintained over the years, including a frame-on restoration featuring Rebel Sheet Metal partial quarters. The car has received manifold, headers, and carburetor replacements, and the driveline has been rebuilt. Original components such as the intake and exhaust manifolds have been retained, as evident in the accompanying photographs.

The interior of the Rebel Machine is another standout feature. High-back bucket seats offer comfort, and the entire interior, which has been restored, radiates as much charm as the rest of the vehicle. During the restoration, Magnum 500 style wheels were added, further enhancing its overall appearance.

While it may tip the scales at 3,307 pounds, the Rebel Machine is far from sluggish. Its performance is exactly what one would expect from a muscle car of this caliber. Whether it's cruising down the open road or ripping it up on the drag strip, this car lives up to its name: The Machine.

This Rebel Machine has been a tale of pride and joy, and it shows in every aspect, from its performance to its careful preservation. Given its rare color scheme and limited production numbers, the 1970 AMC Rebel Machine remains one of the most cherished and sought-after muscle cars ever produced.

The Saratoga Motorcar Auctions, now in its seventh year, will take place in Saratoga Springs, New York on September 22 & 23, 2023 at the Saratoga Casino Hotel. Gates open at 3:00 pm and the Auction will begin at 5:00 pm on Friday. Gates open at 9:00 am and the Auction will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday.

To consign your vehicle, please contact Bill Windham at 518-401-5180 or Kyle Hennessey at 518-275-6865

You can also register to bid.

Auction parking can be found at the Saratoga Casino Hotel 342 Jefferson St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

100% of the proceeds from the Saratoga Motorcar Auction support the Saratoga Automobile Museum, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit.

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