1969 Volkswagen Beetle Is A Bug That Packs A Punch

Aug 1, 2022 2 min read
1969 Volkswagen Beetle Is A Bug That Packs A Punch

This incredible German sports car is a tiny convertible with a lot of fun to offer.

The Volkswagen Beetle has been a fan favorite for automotive enthusiasts around the globe since its initial design in the 1940s. Quickly, the reputation for this bug grew as people began to fall in love with the concept of a petite and sporty car that could get them from A to B and have fun doing it. Eventually, the Beetle became a cultural icon synonymous with the hippie lifestyle of the late 1960s, along with its Bus cousin. One of the best things about the Beetle was its rear-engine design which soon became the standard design for Porsche performance models. So how does this incredible 1959 model hold up to that tasteful yet daring reputation which made the car so famous in the first place?

Sitting behind the rear axle of this German sports compact is a 1.2-liter flat-four engine, making everything from tight handling to long straights a fun experience. The vehicle might not have been insanely powerful, but the 36 horsepower produced by the four-cylinder was surely enough to get the car going in the 1950s and '60s. Aiding the lovely driving experience is a four-speed manual transaxle that would soon be known for its sporty engineering and incredible control. Performance certainly wasn't a huge focus for the car, but it certainly isn't lacking in that department. Rather than performance, this car was built on a platform of daily driving.

The interior is a perfect example, with a well-kept and maintained red vinyl material covering the majority of the inside. Of course, we can see this remarkable feature because of the black convertible top, which makes the vehicle a great piece of automotive art for anyone who enjoys a roadster style. On top of all that, you also get the push-button radio which is a fine piece for everyday use and driving situations that require some tunes. This creates a beautiful vehicle that combines sporty exterior styling with smooth driving and a beautifully-crafted interior. That's why you should consider this Volkswagen Beetle for your next automotive purchase.

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