Your Chance To Own A 1968 Shelby GT500 KR Convertible Is Coming Soon

Sep 2, 2021 2 min read
Your Chance To Own A 1968 Shelby GT500 KR Convertible Is Coming Soon

There’s only a few days left to register to bid!

Shelby American built an image for the Ford Mustang by taking what was once little more than a tired old mule and revitalizing it into something truly special. While the original pony car may not have been all too incredible, having previously been referred to as “a secretary’s car”. The Introduction of the Shelby performance upgrades seemed to breathe new life into the once dying stallion. Carroll Shelby had a vision and he set out to create a completely different beast, something that could destroy the competition and look good as hell doing it. Needless to say, he pulled it off, and nowadays the Shelby GT500 is regarded as the pinnacle of American performance. This is just one such example of that prestige.

The exterior of this incredible 1968 Shelby GT500 KR Convertible is painted in the classic car favorite, cherry red. Of course, no Shelby color scheme would be complete without the famous white stripes which signify the Shelby brand. Those sharp body lines are further accentuated by the roof or lack thereof. The anti-roll bar is particularly noticeable as it gives the car an even sportier look which brings back memories of the roadster style that Shelby initially became famous for. That lovely exterior design is perfectly complemented by the black leather interior and wood paneling.

Under the hood is the famous Cobra 428 ci V8 which pushes out an insane 335 horsepower at 6,000rpm. All of that intense power is transferred through a four-speed manual transmission which allows for maximum pleasure driving and quick changes between gears. This potent pony car is a connoisseur of performance and power with enough sleek styling to turn heads faster than its top speed. Many of our fellow muscle car fanatics would love to get their hands on this incredible car, the only question is. Who will do it?

Our Auburn roots run deep and we’re proud to carry the torch forward here in our hometown. Whether as a buyer, seller or enthusiast, you can look forward to a VIP welcome at our 14th annual sale during Labor Day Weekend, staged at our expansive new global headquarters. Consign and bid with confidence and enjoy all of the Auburn, Indiana events. Register now to bid this weekend!

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