1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible Begs To Be Driven

Jun 16, 2022 2 min read
1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible Begs To Be Driven

This GTO is a great piece of American automotive history with style and speed on its side.

The Pontiac GTO has been an icon in the automotive industry for being one of the first muscle cars to ever hit the mainstream market. Combining a big V8 with a smaller body and good styling, this car quickly became a pioneer of American performance vehicles. The car's history started the same way most legendary GM vehicles became popular; it started as a high-performance trim of a pre-existing model. Eventually, the GTO became its own car, and now you would be hard-pressed to find a more desirable American muscle car. This particular vehicle is likely one of the most valuable examples of the Pontiac legend we all know and love.

Under the hood of this muscle car is a powerful fuel-injected 400 cubic inch V8 engine that utilizes its superior displacement to produce massive power figures. This incredible powertrain was rated at a hefty 350 horsepower from the factory. GM was notorious at the time for under-rating their cars, but even if this number is accurate, it's a very healthy unit. As far as torque goes, you won't have much issue as this muscle car produces a ridiculous 400 ft/lbs. That is more than many modern trucks making it a pretty wild accomplishment for the vintage performance car. While the powertrain is all well and good, it's far from the only thing this vehicle has got going for it.

The exterior styling is a subtle yet powerful take on the A-body platform, which had become so popular then. With its sloped-back rear and muscular fascia, the car resembles its Chevelle cousin. Even the best Chevy models couldn't compete with the GTO with its unique spin and reputation as one of America's first mainstream muscle cars. Furthermore, with its convertible top and matching white interior, this car stands out even in a crowd of other GTOs as one of the special few with these options. That's why you should consider this 1968 Pontiac GTO for your next automotive purchase.

This car is being sold by 1600 Veloce and The meccanicshop.com Visit their site to see more inventory, and explore their other services.

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