1965 Ford Good Humor Truck Will Add Character To Your Car Collection

Dec 16, 2021 2 min read
1965 Ford Good Humor Truck Will Add Character To Your Car Collection

This converted Ford F-250 is a wholesome addition to your garage.

Get ready to play the ice cream man with this 1965 Ford Good Humor truck. This interesting restored example is currently owned by a grandfather and serious car collector. He bought the car after his grandkids questioned why he had so many different vehicles and didn’t have an ice cream truck, so he acquired it.

It didn’t take much time for the current owner to hunt down this 1965 Ford Good Humor truck, it was located in Boston and well restored. The person he bought it from did most of the restoration work himself and it had been stored for 6 years in a climate controlled garage with the rest of the current owner’s car collection. From there, it has only been taken out for short trips, one trip being to fill up the truck with ice cream to give out at a local event.

The Ford F-250 ice cream truck has “Good Humor Ice Cream“ and graphics on the side of the freezer box. It has a “cold plate“ type freezer that you can charged up overnight and becomes a fully functional ice cream truck. The body, wheels, interior and much of the truck was painted that same color white, like most of the fleet trucks of the time. An addition was made to the front grille to include a more robust charging box. If you’re ready to be everyone’s favorite ice cream man, check it out here.

To see this Good Humor Truck and more interesting vehicles, visit www.classiq.com

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