1936 Twin Coach Helms Bakery Delivery Truck Is A Sweet Treat

Jul 22, 2022 2 min read
1936 Twin Coach Helms Bakery Delivery Truck Is A Sweet Treat

This truck is a delightful sight to any enthusiast with a taste for sweets.

The local bakery can be a cultural hub within a community as hundreds of members flock there to purchase all sorts of treats to make their day. Children have been particularly fond of these beautiful stores and the products they sell, even being able to recognize the sound of the bakery delivery truck. That's precisely what makes this vehicle such a fantastic opportunity for any automotive enthusiast who enjoys the sweet taste of fresh baked cake and candy. Initially built in the 1930s, this boastful delivery truck seems to project the epitome of joy and fun from a child's perspective. Now you have the chance to own a vehicle that has brought a ton of siles to the faces of baking fans everywhere.

On the exterior, you'll notice the brand responsible for putting this incredible vehicle on the road, Helm's Bakeries. This bakery company had much to offer in its prime, known for its "Olympic Bread" and iconic American imagery. This truck shows that off very well, as rows of candies, sweets, and cakes can clearly be seen in the various storage containers present throughout the car. Structurally, this vehicle looks like an ice cream van or mail truck with a stool-type seat and a sliding door. This design was standard for delivery trucks for a very long time and is an iconic part of the bakery delivery vehicle featured in the listing. While it may sound like enough that the car has spent its life delivering goods to hungry bread and baked goods lovers, some other features make the vehicle an even cooler opportunity for history-loving car enthusiasts.

This is one example of just 148 Helm's delivery trucks made like it, yet another reason you might be drawn to the vintage truck. On top of that, it was also crafted by the Twin Coach company, which was well known for this vehicle in its day. For anyone with an analytical mind, this truck also comes with a record of deliveries completed and documentation of its history. That vast history shows how dedicated its drivers were to delivering bread and baked goods to hungry customers who likely depended on their services in 1936. So it's clear that this vehicle may be the perfect opportunity for any enthusiast with a passion for history and a taste for baked sweets.

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