1936 Delahaye Type 135 Competition Court Teardrop Coupe: Automotive Pioneer And A Work Of Art

Jul 9, 2021 2 min read
1936 Delahaye Type 135 Competition Court Teardrop Coupe: Automotive Pioneer And A Work Of Art

This incredibly rare and specially made Delahaye Competition Coupe survived the Great Depression and WWII. Today it shows the innovation and artful craftsmanship of two revolutionary pre-war companies.

As a smaller family-owned company, Delahaye was renowned for its small production numbers and innovative designs. However, the Competition Court was one of the most limited models that the company produced. Over a 3-year period, an estimated 30 examples were made and all were intended for a select group of loyal Delahaye customers, family, or friends. In fact, the option was not even in any of the company's literature and all were sold as a bare chassis to be externally fitted with custom-built coachwork.

Chassis number 47242 was sent to renowned French carrossier Figoni et Falaschi where a right-hand-drive Lightweight “Goutte D'Eau” style coupe bodywork was specified. Delahaye components for the short 106-inch wheel-base chassis included a 4-speed manual transmission, outside-mounted rear springs, a low-mounted engine with an oil cooler mounted below the radiator, and a racing-style fuel tank with dual fillers. In all, Figoni et Falaschi only built six examples based on the Delahaye chassis in 1936 and this Type 135 is the only one that featured headlamps integrated in between the front fenders. A bonnet and a single row of hood louvers are among other differentiating features that set this stunning car apart from the other five examples.

Today this car, chassis number 47242 with body number 609 is one of only three known to have survived the last 85-years. According to documentation, the original delivery was to the Delahaye factory where it was apparently retained as a demonstration vehicle. After being hidden away during the war, it resurfaced under the ownership of Jean-Pierre Bernard, a sales manager for Delahaye at the time. The car changed hands several times and had been modified from its original state when it was imported into the U.S.A concours restoration proceeded to return the Delahaye to its original condition and it has since won many Concours d’Elegance awards. Now ready for new ownership, this 1936 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Teardrop Coupe is scheduled for Mecum’s Monterey 2021 auction. For more information on this car or how to register to place your bid click here.

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