Veteran Rides In Corvette For 100th Birthday

Apr 1, 2024 2 min read
Veteran Rides In Corvette For 100th Birthday

What a way to celebrate!

When you’re one of the few surviving WWII veterans and you’re turning 100, your birthday is definitely a big deal. One grannie decided to celebrate a century on this planet by taking a ride in a convertible C7 Corvette and we think that’s great. After all, even at 100 we imagine the need for speed, despite the inability to drive a vehicle any longer, is still alive and well in those who are still truly living.

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Marian, the 100-year-old WWII veteran in question, lives at Bedford Nursing and Rehab Center in New Hampshire. While she got a nice birthday crown, a cake, attendance by a color guard plus legion riders and other veterans, plus plenty of fanfare for the large celebration, the highlight was when her nurse granted her wish, taking the centenarian for a spin in his very own Corvette.

We imagine Marian and her nurse Robert had many conversations about the American sports car. A local news report says that when Marian’s family visits daily, she always points out the ‘Vette when it’s sitting in the parking lot. In other words, she’s had a long love affair with the Chevy and finally realized the dream of riding in it.

We can’t imagine what it’s like experiencing the wonders of a C7 Corvette considering what American cars were like back when Marian was a child. Technology has come a long way, with vehicles getting bigger, more powerful, and more complicated over the decades. No wonder she’s been so fascinated with the C7 Corvette.

It’s also great so many people came together to celebrate someone who served in the Navy during WWII. There aren’t many left these days as the Greatest Generation passes to the beyond, so seeing one of them getting the hero’s treatment with a special ride and celebration is great.

Source: WBAL

Images via YouTube

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