Couple’s Stroll On Beach Turns Into Sand Find

May 1, 2022 2 min read
Couple’s Stroll On Beach Turns Into Sand Find

Who expects to find a vintage car while on a romantic walk?

A couple who went on a romantic stroll on a beach in Queensland had an unusual twist to their mundane stroll. They ended up unearthing a vintage car in the sand, which all started with them noticing a little piece of rusty metal where it didn’t belong. They went home and found some tools, and got to work.

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Kylah and Tim Chapman were out at the beach celebrating their very first wedding anniversary when they found the metal and realized this was no shard of metal. They tried to pick it up, and it was not budging. "We love fossicking and searching for treasure — it's our thing," Mr Chapman said. "It just got better and better the deeper we dug.”

They went home and got some tools, and just kept digging until they realized it was a car. "We kept following it and following it, and it turned into a super old car.”

A passing by older couple, which must have been a bizarre sight to see the couple digging up a car, said it looked like a pre-World War II vehicle, judging by the way the engine was sitting in the car, and the eight spark plugs sticking out of the front.

The best theory as to what happened is that someone brought their car down to the beach for a nice day with the family, and rushing waters caused sand to engulf the tires, and the car got too consumed too quickly to recover. This is the theory of the couple who discovered it, and there it stayed for the last century. Either way, the car still can’t be recovered, so all the couple has are photos from the discovery.

Source: Kylah and Tim Chapman

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