Batmobile Mysteriously Found Abandoned In A Field

Jun 18, 2022 2 min read
Batmobile Mysteriously Found Abandoned In A Field

The real question is, did Joker get away?

In a few months, after the sweltering summer heat, the kids will be singing the alternate version of Jingle Bells, getting into trouble with their mom for saying the Batmobile lost its wheel. While that’s a funny tradition passed from one generation to the next, there’s a real-life mystery of a broken-down Batmobile abandoned in a field supposedly somewhere on the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, although we can’t confirm the location.

Watch our interview with a car detailer here.

The Tim Burton-style Batmobile looks to be surprisingly similar to the movie car, especially when compared to some other replicas. We actually think it looks far better than the new Batmobile supposedly coming to a theater near you sometime next year.

Our minds are going a million miles an hour trying to figure out a potential backstory to how this Batmobile ended up left for dead in a field. One obviously possibility is the car was stolen and ditched, but more likely is that it’s a used-up prop from Six Flags or some other theme park. If you look closely at the photos, in the background are some round boat-like vessels with seats like what you find on many rides.

Lending further legitimacy to the Six Flags theory is the hearse parked in the background, which looks similar to the one used for Fright Fest. Some claim to know it’s from the Chicago-area Six Flags park, which technically is in Gurnee, but again there’s no info to corroborate those claims.

Wherever this Batmobile came from, not only is it a good replica but it also has obviously been well cared for during its life. The paint looks to be in good condition, the cockpit is also incredibly clean and nothing is obviously broken. Unlike a Batmobile found in the woods last year, this one is in such good shape it would probably sell in a hot minute if placed on the market, and for good money, even if it’s not running. The fact it’s just sitting in a field is pretty shameful.

If any of you know for sure where this Batmobile is located, let us know.

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