35 Luxury Cars Stashed On Pot Farm Found In $2.3 Million Car Theft Bust

Apr 30, 2022 2 min read
35 Luxury Cars Stashed On Pot Farm Found In $2.3 Million Car Theft Bust

Following a long investigation, the CHP found quite the haul of stolen luxury cars recently.

A Facebook post on the California Highway Patrol page indicated that they Southern Division Special Service Vehicle Theft Unit recovered 35 stolen luxury vehicles last Thursday. The haul added up to around $2.3 million, and was a result of a two month long investigation by the special unit. These are a small fraction of the 168,323 (not updated for post-2020, so probably a ton more) stolen cars each and every year in the state, but maybe criminals will see it as a warning, probably not.

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According to the Facebook post, "CHP - Southern Division SSC Vehicle Theft Unit investigators, recovered 35 stolen luxury car vehicles valued at approximately $2.3 million, along with several other discoveries, after a two-month-long investigation.”

The search warrant was served in the San Fernando Valley, "where investigators recovered approximately 35 stolen luxury vehicles, which included Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche," CHP shared. Along with the cars mentioned, you can clearly see a blue C8 Corvette, a car that’s in extremely short supply already, so thanks criminals, you just keep making things worse for the market.

Along with the cars is a not-so-shocking discovery of 400 cannabis plants, and a gen 3 Glock 26, so at least the criminal was considerate enough to buy only California compliant handguns. What is shocking is the aerial image that shows all this; the cars are tightly squeezed on a narrow suburban lot, with the cars not hidden so well. Another odd thing, they all seem to be intact, but slowly turning into the next collector car grave yard. Here’s to hoping these cars won’t be destroyed because of this low life’s past time of taking other people’s stuff.

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