Suspect In Camaro Fleeing Cops Flips

Jun 14, 2022 2 min read
Suspect In Camaro Fleeing Cops Flips

He drove it like he stole it…

So many police chases take place in Detroit some residents claim it’s almost commonplace. The Lodge freeway seems to be a popular spot for running from the law, so it’s no surprise to see a guy in a Chevy Camaro ran from Michigan State Police on that stretch of road. Unlike some chases, this one was over quickly as the driver flipped the American muscle car onto its side.

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The whole thing went down early on the morning of June 10. From the dashcam footage posted by the official MSP Metro Detroit Twitter account, we can see the trooper was sitting on the side of the road when the Camaro blasts past. The trooper activates his lights and sirens, but the other driver keeps tearing down the road, so the chase is on.

For a bit, it looks like the Camaro might give the trooper the slip, although dispatch might have set up other troopers to pursue or throw out stop sticks. Instead, the whole pursuit is over in an instant as the muscle car strikes the solid concrete divider on the freeway so hard it flips onto its side.

Michigan State Police say the driver climbed out of the car and tried running away on foot, but he was quickly chased down by the trooper and arrested. The 29-year-old resident of Detroit is facing a felony charge instead of a misdemeanor. A blood draw was done to determine if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash. Surprisingly, the Camaro wasn’t stolen, even though the guy was driving like it was.

Three other people were inside the Camaro when it wrecked out. Firefighters had to extricate them, with two treated on the scene for injuries. The third was transported to the hospital. That’s right, the driver just ditched them to save his own skin, showing just what a great friend he is.

As noted in the Twitter post, there’s a growing trend of people just not stopping for law enforcement. For probably a number of reasons, criminals feel emboldened to run from cops, rolling the dice as they attempt to get away and duck the consequences of their actions.

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