Stolen BMW Torched In Australia

Jan 26, 2022 1 min read
Stolen BMW Torched In Australia

This illustrates the growing crime problem Down Under…

Australia has made a lot of headlines lately for strict lockdown in certain areas, but what many of our readers in North America might not know is crime has been surging as well. That’s right, as the government seeks to control the movements and activities of regular citizens, violent criminals have been having run of cities like Sydney, a problem which seems to only be growing worse. This problem is perfectly illustrated by the recent torching of a stolen BMW X5 in western Sydney.

1967 Shelby GT500 stolen recently in Oklahoma. See it here.

A local report details out how people in the area called police after hearing gunshots. When officers arrived, they found the BMW engulfed in flames a few blocks away. That’s shocking, but keep in mind Australia has been under strict gun control measures since the late 90s. Amazing how criminals seem to not care about laws and such.

The report specifically mentioned police didn’t find any evidence of someone having been shot but they eventually found a Toyota Hilux with bullet damage done to the bull bar. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the rounds probably went into the Bimmer or someone sitting inside it and that’s why the vehicle was lit on fire.

Three suspects were also detained but were released pending an investigation. In other words, there probably wasn’t enough evidence to hold them. However, surveillance footage shows two men running from the X5 as it burned. Police were sure to add the men made several attempts to light it on fire before they were successful. They probably also struggle with charcoal grilles.

Car theft is a growing problem all over the place. Criminals use stolen vehicles to commit crimes since it makes figure out who they are much harder. Sydney has quite the organized crime problem, an issue we’ve highlighted before.

Source and image: 9 News

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