Underlining the importance of vetting your classic cars…

If you've ever watched television or been to a stand-up comedy show, you're sure you've heard the name Jerry Seinfeld. Famous for shows like Seinfeld, the comedian made a name in the entertainment industry for his witty humor and unforgettable voice. However, one piece of information possibly only known to the car enthusiast fans of Seinfeld is his love for classic and collector cars. While the comedian's hobby has led to a lot of good fortune in the form of his hit TV show "Comedians In Cars Get Coffee," it has landed him in tricky legal situations. Eventually ending in a settlement between parties, Jerry Seinfeld was sued for selling a vintage automobile that had presumably been faked to imitate the original.

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The vehicle in question is an extremely rare 1958 Porsche 356 A 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster, which was supposedly one of the last of its kind. In March of 2016, Jerry Seinfeld sold the rare car at an auction in honor of the Jerry Seinfeld car collection. The buyer, Fica Frio, happily accepted the vehicle until a few months later, when the company had an appraiser take a look. After the troubling news that the car was inauthentic, the company filed a lawsuit Against Seinfeld in 2019. As of Wednesday, June 1, 2022, the two parties have settled though the specifications were not revealed.

From the beginning, Seinfeld alleged that it was the vendor's fault as they had sold the car to him in the first place. Allegedly, the comedian received written confirmation of the car's authentication, but it's clear that this was not enough to verify the car's acclaimed status. Earlier, Seinfeld had apologized to the buyer as he apparently had nothing to do with the counterfeiting. He, a multimillionaire comedian, did not need to supplement his income with fake classic cars. This case seems to be closed, but we'll have to see if any new revelations appear, as this would not be the first time complications arose with the legal proceedings.

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